Pine Creek Products, LLC

Brower Family, Established 1992

Brower Family

Dawn’s Story

Back in the late 1990’s Dawn was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Out of desperation she sought help within the medical field but was promptly given access to medication that masked her symptoms. Feeling defeated Dawn shared what she had experienced with a close friend, who recommended a nutritional approach and referred Dawn to her nutritionist. There was much to both learn and implement with this new approach. With a renewed excitement and hope to not just make it through the day but to heal her IBS she dug in.

Alpine Goat

One of the recommendations was a switch to raw (unpasteurized) goat’s milk. Just a year later our oldest son was diagnosed with severe lactose intolerance. It was at that point that we began to drink raw goat’s milk. The benefits of making that change over 10 years ago are too many to count. In the process of collecting our milk from other family owned and operated farms we began to glean a lot in regards to methods and breed philosophies.

It was no surprise that goats were our first choice when we began planning our own farm. In 2008 shortly after our arrival in Colorado, Jonathan purchased our first two does Melody, and Harmony. American Alpine by breed and sisters by birth. Although they are sisters they had very distinct personalities. The Alpine breed does exceptionally well in the Colorado climate and altitude. We all enjoy walking in the foothills where we live. This adds to our good health and theirs.

Taking a Walk

We look forward to sharing what we have learned with you and rejoicing in your good health!